Eremus campaign home

It has been 60 years since the war ended. Unlike most, this war didn’t have a victor. Every major power was destroyed. Eremus is now a desolate wasteland plagued by monsters, warlords, and worse.

During the war morality became too expensive, ends justified the means to the point where complete annihilation could only have been deemed marginally worse for the fate of the world’s survivors.

In the power vacuum, two veterans attempt to hack out an existence. Their only choice is to rely on one another in order to live. After being betrayed on a job, they are imprisoned and tortured. During this time they find a new meaning to live: revenge.

We’ve only played a few times so I am endeavouring to put up enough history and back story so your characters can feel comfortable enough to talk in game about events and actions that took place long ago and to give you a clue into what is really going on in the world.

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