Cain Horadra's Journal

Text of Cain Horadra’s Journal

Final Entry:

The Mage-King’s treachery knows no bounds. He told us that if we bound the creature within the depths of the earth we would be safe. He has lied! We gave him half of the key! Even now the corruption has spread to the temple itself. Our rites are diminished. We have seen our faithful come and turn against us. A young lady who regularly attends rites at Dawn assaulted one of the priests. He was strong and was able to resist her. She is being treated now in the High Father’s quarters.


The woman has become corrupted. We dare not stay here any longer. We will soon seal our home. We have been told to leave all we have seen under the earth. The light will surely protect us. I have to wonder if that means leaving the socket behind. Once the clock is misaligned….. I must close now.

the bottom of the page is stained in blood.



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