Eighth Session


After many repeats of the same treatment at the hands of the ogres and inquisitors, a break suddenly occurs. Leoric was called in for interrogation. The inquisitor told him that resistance would serve no purpose, that Riewacher had already given up secrets to the Inquisitor. Leoric simply laughs and then endures a fierce flogging.

Half-way through the flogging Leoric collapses, dangling in the chains. The ogre assumes he has passed out already and undoes his restraints. Ever-clever Leoric realizes the Ogre’s oversight and plays along. As the Ogre replaces the restraints, Leoric springs grabbing the ogre’s maul. In a few quick strokes the ogre lies dead. Realizing his best chance of escaping is releasing the vampire and finding Riewacher, he makes his way back to his cell. Using a key found on the ogre, he opens the cell while being ambushed by more ogres.

After dispatching them, he throws a spear to Zasz. He immediately breaks the spear over his knee creating a small dagger from the blade. Leoric is refreshed feeling the old blood begin to burn again. He orders Zasz to follow him and they begin springing open all the doors. Near a heavily scorched section of the ground they see Riewacher. He appears completely clean shaven and healthy, presenting a stark dichotomy to Leoric whose hair has grown long around him and whose naked back has scarred into myriad diamonds from the cross lashing of his torturers. Riewacher picks up a spear and, mimicking Zasz, breaks it over his knee creating a very makeshift wand. As the trio begin to fight their way out, Riewacher sees a vision of the helm. He feels that it must be close by and calling out to him. He tells everyone that their stuff is in a room nearby and they must find it. The continue to carve a path through the remaining ogres. Finally they exit via a long hallway but soon realize that their work has just begun…



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