Fifth and Sixth Sessions


Riewacher and Leoric continue to explore the ruined temple near Leoric’s headquarters…

Fifth Session

After discovering a mosaic depicting a fight between the sun-worshippers, the mage-king, and some type of creature with bat-like wings. The creature couldn’t be determined as the mosaic had been damaged and there was a blank spot where the creature’s body would be.

Leoric and Riewacher continued to move through the sub-level. They discovered where some of the old priests had been buried as well as a small shrine. Continuing through the chamber, both of them noticed that there were no torches, chandeliers, sconces, or any other lighting fixtures. The next area consisted of a living area where the priests may have taken their meals. Beyond this, a library with mostly destroyed documents. A journal was recovered (see the below entry). Beyond it was a sealed door. After Riewacher performed a magical incantation, the door opened and revealed what once must have been the head of the order’s quarters. Inside they found a corpse and a small illuminating stone. They also found a piece that connects to the key they found in the Mound.

Sixth Session

Leoric and Riewacher discover a secret door behind the mosaic and find a large clock. The clock has a lock which can be turned with the completed clockwork key. While Riewacher turns the clock three days forward, devils begin spawning and are quickly dispatched by Leoric.

After Riewacher moves the clock, an elevator appears. The two squeeze into the elevator and it drops them far into the ground. There they find a succubus trapped inside a large summoning circle. She tells them that she is bonded to a key that opens a door in an extra-dimensional palace. She is very surprised that they had simply happened to find her on accident and were not sent to find her or looking for her specifically.

The succubus identifies herself as Delilah. She says that she was once an advisor to a prior mage-king but was trapped due to what she calls ‘local politics’. She seems to have knowledge about the war although she was imprisoned 60 years before it actually took place.

After they released her, they took several men back from the camp to excavate the building and retrieved the mosaic and a large cask of whiskey. When they returned they were told a patrolmen hadn’t rendezvoused back with the ‘enforcement squad’. Riewacher and Leoric rode out to investigate while Delilah received current events information from the Imp Jakkin.

Riewacher and Leoric soon discovered a wagon full of chests excavated from the Mound and a very scared farm boy. The farm boy was mortified and they soon learned from him that his family had been killed by a vampire. The duo set fire to the farm house and were attacked by all four vampires. The vampire spawn were quickly killed by Riewacher and Leoric made short work of the other one. When she died she turned into dust. It is unknown where her coffin is.



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