First and Second Sessions

Campaign begins:

Leoric the Black, a small-time warlord has taken control of three small hamlets. He is aided by old war buddy, the wizard Riewacher. Riewacher has obtained a fragment of a map and is convinced local ruins hold a powerful artifact. The only problem is that it appears someone else has a chunk of the map and may beat Riewacher to the goods.

Leoric has noticed grumblings from his men. They are beginning to become dissatisfied with a sedentary life and want more raiding and pillaging. Leoric is approached by a messenger (riding an old Dragonborn steam-tank) from warlord Count Morovich to clean out a site the Count plans on using as his new base of operations. Upon closer questioning, the messenger reveals that the Count is currently spread thin and he wishes to secure the site now. Leoric and Riewacher agree to meet with the messenger again within a fortnight (two-weeks).

Riewacher and Leoric decide to step up their investigation of the surrounding ruins. They head out to the first ruin, the Mound. They leave close to dusk, however, and upon arriving are ambushed by six werewolves. The fight is bloody and after killing the werewolves, our heroes take their heads and head back to camp for a well deserved rest.

Second Session:

After a well deserved rest Leoric and Riewacher decide to head back to the Mound. Upon arrival they begin investigating the ruin. Their scouts had reported the Mound’s entrance to be sealed but it is now clear explosives have been used to blow it open. As they explore, the heroes notice a sprung trap is bloody and a blood trail leads down. Evidence of large objects being dragged up out of the Mound carry no traces of blood. Another sealed door within the Mound has also been blown. The stairs end with a chamber where the blood trail ends in a charred corpse. The chamber shows recent evidence of its contents being removed. The heroes realize there is a trap here that killed ‘blood-trail guy’ and must be set off in order to explore the rest of the Mound. They trigger the trap that summons a Fire Elemental. After its demise, a Helmed Horror is suddenly lifted into the room. These clearly are some sort of rite of passage/tomb guards. The helmed horror is dispatched. The characters investigate the doorway and find a stairway opened when the helmed horror attacked. The stairway led to a sarcophagus room guarded by a naga. The naga taunted the duo and was subesquently slain.

Inside the sarcophagus, they found more questions than answers…



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