Fourth Session


This session picked up where the second session left off.

The sarcophagus was filled with gold and a corpse. The corpse was laid to rest with two major items of note. The first was the Cowl of the Forgotten Mage-King. Riewacher experienced a series of visions as he touched the mantle and decided to don it, intrigued what other visions he might be able to have. Leoric found a small pack that soon revealed itself to have a much larger interior than exterior. He used it to take the rest of the gold in the sarcophagus.

The duo returned to camp and took a well deserved rest. Riewacher sequestered himself to his tent and surprised everyone when a small demon emerged to taunt the camp. Leoric was furious at Riewacher’s recklessness and in front of his men forbade he ever do so again. The imp was illusive and avoided answering questions put to it about an old ruined temple located nearby. At the moment of his dismissal he wishes them luck at the Temple of the Sun.

The duo set off for the temple. Leoric immediately notices wagon ruts similar to the ones found at the Mound. Upon entering the temple, it becomes apparent someone has been attempting to excavate parts of the temple. The two discover a hidden stairway located beneath the altar. The stairs lead to a room filled with sarcophagi. Riewacher and Leoric immediately become on their guard. They begin to exhume each sarcophagus and they realize they are filled with half-rotted vampire corpses. To make them more curious, each corpse seems to possess bronze items that would appear to be part of a matching set.

A few of the sarcophagi contain vampire spawn. Riewacher performs a ritual and learns that the vampires were victims of a mayor during the war. They were rounded up by the Order of the Light and buried ‘alive’ underneath the altar where it was hope they would die or be sealed permanently. One coffin was more sealed than the others. Upon opening the coffin, it is revealed to be empty. Suddenly a voice taunts them from above. They move up the staircase and find a man claiming to be Dairoth, the mayor who began the vampiric plague during the war. Leoric and Riewacher attack the vampire and kill him.

From Dairoth, it is revealed that the ‘Trading Post’ Leoric uses as a headquarters is actually the old mayor’s home.

The heroes continue to investigate the ruin and find through a sealed door, a large mosaic. Within the image is a man wearing Riewacher’s new mantle. Leoric believes the mosaic hides a door and proposes to smash it. Riewacher explodes with anger at the idea of destroying it as a piece of history.



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