Ninth Session


As the trio exit the prison complex, what they see surprises them. They realize the entire prison was a converted mine complex. It also appears to be located near the edge of a huge cliff. They realize this entire complex is a giant floating island 1260 feet long by 630 feet wide. On the island there is a large stronghold with a tower that is capped by an observatory-like dome. Several hot-air balloons and small hot-air ships are arranged on a small paved area near the edge of the island. At the edge of the island, A large chain connects to an overhanging stone building. Between the stronghold and the prison entrance three garrison tents lie arrayed before them.

Zasz moves forward and destroys a patrol. Riewacher and Leoric move forward and masquerade as patrolmen. They realize that this configuration might not be the best way to infiltrate the tower, where they are certain their gear lies for them to reclaim. Instead, Zasz infiltrates the tower scouting it for supplies. Grabbing everyone’s supplies he flies back and convinces them that if they climb into a bag of holding, he will fly them into the tower. Holding their breath, they manage to survive in time for Zasz to dematerialize, fly over to the observatory and infiltrate the tower.

Once inside the tower they realize this room is very large and spacious. It is full of books, a sarcophagus, a telescope, and magical experimentation supplies. Once there, they decide to investigate further



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