Seventh Session


Riewacher and Leoric wait for the messenger from Count Morovich. After he rendezvous’s with the two, they are informed that the count wishes them to take out a different castle for him. Riewacher immediately grows suspicious and Leoric flatly replies that any modification of the deal will require significantly larger compensation.

The messenger commands the warforged driver to set out and it stops after a few hours of driving in order for the rest of the crew to make camp. The eladrin take the watch as they don’t require sleep. During the night several parties pass near them. It is only after hearing a party of horsemen approach closer than the rest they become alarmed. The messenger suggests that they go backwards on foot and meet back where the steam-tank went off-road. The driver says he will double back and lose them back on the road. Even more suspicious the Eladrin agree.

After they make it back to the road they see the tank parked at the end of a clearning. It is manned by the messenger. As he sees them he quickly motions them over. As they enter the clearing they are ambushed by 20 riders. Understanding they are trapped they surrender. They are drugged and black out.

When they come to, they are in seperate rooms. Riewacher is inside a specially warded room and his spells do not work. He is also chained. Leoric is in a room with a muzzled dragonborn, much to his chagrin, as well as a drow elf. The elf seems strange and he soon realizes he is a vampire. The dragonborn has been put in the room as food. Leoric is removed and taken to a chamber where he is chained up. A human dressed in very nice clothes enters the room.

The human identifies himself as an inquisitor. He begins to question Leoric about what was found near Leoric’s base. Leoric responds with a stiff upper lip and receives a flogging.

Riewacher as his cell is opened begins an onslaught on his guards. He takes down several but in the end is rendered unconscious. He wakes up in irons and chained in a room. The inquisitor begins to question him. Riewacher gives him enough information to think he is being cooperative but in reality is hiding everything about the hidden layer of the temple and the succubus.

Zasz Daggoth, the drow vampire, was also called in for questioning. He arrogantly and proudly told of his history much to the confusion of the inquisitor. When finished he was sent back to his cell.

All the characters began to brood as single-minded revenge filled their hearts.



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