Tenth and Eleventh Sessions


The trio realize that the contents of the laboratory are too important to not give a thorough search to. In order to do that however, they realize they need to steal the island. Since the island is connected to the ground via an enormous chain, they decide the best thing they could do would be to compromise the connector or the chain itself. Riewacher agrees to ‘hold down’ the laboratory while Zasz and Leoric float over to the chain house.

There Leoric and Zasz quickly dispatch the guards and Leoric uses his mighty brawn to disconnect the chain. The island violently surges upward like a log loosed in the ocean. Screams echo outside as the guards and inhabitants are either thrown off or are injured from falling debris. Leoric hangs on the edge of the island via a bar. When the island finally stops flying, Leoric manages to swing himself back onto the island.

As Leoric and Zasz survey the island, it become increasingly apparent that most of the humans are dead and that almost all the slaves are loose. Running about they encounter 5 eladrin veterans who immediately pledge themselves to Leoric. Calling him ‘Strategos’, or General. Zasz finds several kolbolds and immediately takes an amused likening to them. He dresses the biggest one, Zaks, in a dead soldiers coat and hands them all firearms. He tells them to keep an eye on every one and not let anyone escape. The two investigate the island and kill most of the soldiers. Those they spare, they do so on account of their willingness to serve a higher power.

After taking an account of the island, they decide to find the High Inquisitor Jerome, he is inside the keep being guarded by several guards. Leoric quickly enters and offers the guards amnesty if they will follow him. Some switch sides, while others remain with Jerome. Zasz kills the remaining guards and Jerome begs for his life, telling them that he has information they want that they will not be able to obtain if they kill him. Zasz takes him to the dungeon/mine area where locks him in a cell. He tortures him and begins to use him as a subject for his alchemical experiment.

Under torture, Jerome mocks Zasz and Leoric. He claims that he and the island are too valuable for von Morovich to let it go. He expects him to send his entire aerial fleet after the island. Zasz and Leoric begin pressing Jerome for information about why they were held and what Incarcerium is. Jerome says that he had discovered a link to something called the Key of Incarcerium in a reference to the area Leoric had controlled. They decided to get Leoric and Riewacher alone in order to question them about the Key. After their capture, they were interrogated for information.

Alarmed by Jerome’s statement about an incoming attack, Zasz and Leoric leave Jerome and make ready the island to defend itself. Leoric, now with a handful of willing warriors decides the best tactic is to hide his own presence. He tells the soldiers to act as if they do not oppose the airships, and to be requiring rescue. As airships begin to appear, Zasz disguises himself as a hapless corporal and jumps into one of the baskets in the Chain Room.

A large airship flies nearby and drops several troops within the wall of the keep. The slaves attack as do the kolbolds. The ship then lifts off and moves to rescue the ‘corporal’. Once on board, Zasz through subterfuge begins to eliminate the soldiers. He is soon met by Leoric and the two completely annihilate the attacking soldiers. Realizing their plight the ship takes off from the island. It is too late for them, however, and the vampire and the eladrin soon eliminate the crew. Held at sword-point, the Captain relinquishes his sword and the ship to Leoric. Leoric accepts his surrender, realizing they will need someone to command the ship should they need it. As a matter of prudence, he has all of his maps moved into apartments within the keep.

Meanwhile, Riewacher has locked himself in the library room of the keep. After four days, Leoric begins to get worried and after seeing the magical ward disappear finds Jakkin the imp as well as Delilah the succubus in the library. Delilah is much changed since the last time she saw Leoric. She muses about ‘the master’ and obvious reference to Riewacher. Then Leoric sees him. Riewacher has undergone a dramatic apotheosis. He is now a lich. The cowl of the mage-king is now also changed. Instead of a simple helm, the cowl now sports a full face plate that follows to the top of his neck. The cowl is now more full and collects at the shoulders. Riewacher’s eyes are now nothing but two glowing blue points inside the helm and he claims to have merged himself with it.



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