Tenth and Eleventh Sessions

The trio realize that the contents of the laboratory are too important to not give a thorough search to. In order to do that however, they realize they need to steal the island. Since the island is connected to the ground via an enormous chain, they decide the best thing they could do would be to compromise the connector or the chain itself. Riewacher agrees to ‘hold down’ the laboratory while Zasz and Leoric float over to the chain house.

There Leoric and Zasz quickly dispatch the guards and Leoric uses his mighty brawn to disconnect the chain. The island violently surges upward like a log loosed in the ocean. Screams echo outside as the guards and inhabitants are either thrown off or are injured from falling debris. Leoric hangs on the edge of the island via a bar. When the island finally stops flying, Leoric manages to swing himself back onto the island.

As Leoric and Zasz survey the island, it become increasingly apparent that most of the humans are dead and that almost all the slaves are loose. Running about they encounter 5 eladrin veterans who immediately pledge themselves to Leoric. Calling him ‘Strategos’, or General. Zasz finds several kolbolds and immediately takes an amused likening to them. He dresses the biggest one, Zaks, in a dead soldiers coat and hands them all firearms. He tells them to keep an eye on every one and not let anyone escape. The two investigate the island and kill most of the soldiers. Those they spare, they do so on account of their willingness to serve a higher power.

After taking an account of the island, they decide to find the High Inquisitor Jerome, he is inside the keep being guarded by several guards. Leoric quickly enters and offers the guards amnesty if they will follow him. Some switch sides, while others remain with Jerome. Zasz kills the remaining guards and Jerome begs for his life, telling them that he has information they want that they will not be able to obtain if they kill him. Zasz takes him to the dungeon/mine area where locks him in a cell. He tortures him and begins to use him as a subject for his alchemical experiment.

Under torture, Jerome mocks Zasz and Leoric. He claims that he and the island are too valuable for von Morovich to let it go. He expects him to send his entire aerial fleet after the island. Zasz and Leoric begin pressing Jerome for information about why they were held and what Incarcerium is. Jerome says that he had discovered a link to something called the Key of Incarcerium in a reference to the area Leoric had controlled. They decided to get Leoric and Riewacher alone in order to question them about the Key. After their capture, they were interrogated for information.

Alarmed by Jerome’s statement about an incoming attack, Zasz and Leoric leave Jerome and make ready the island to defend itself. Leoric, now with a handful of willing warriors decides the best tactic is to hide his own presence. He tells the soldiers to act as if they do not oppose the airships, and to be requiring rescue. As airships begin to appear, Zasz disguises himself as a hapless corporal and jumps into one of the baskets in the Chain Room.

A large airship flies nearby and drops several troops within the wall of the keep. The slaves attack as do the kolbolds. The ship then lifts off and moves to rescue the ‘corporal’. Once on board, Zasz through subterfuge begins to eliminate the soldiers. He is soon met by Leoric and the two completely annihilate the attacking soldiers. Realizing their plight the ship takes off from the island. It is too late for them, however, and the vampire and the eladrin soon eliminate the crew. Held at sword-point, the Captain relinquishes his sword and the ship to Leoric. Leoric accepts his surrender, realizing they will need someone to command the ship should they need it. As a matter of prudence, he has all of his maps moved into apartments within the keep.

Meanwhile, Riewacher has locked himself in the library room of the keep. After four days, Leoric begins to get worried and after seeing the magical ward disappear finds Jakkin the imp as well as Delilah the succubus in the library. Delilah is much changed since the last time she saw Leoric. She muses about ‘the master’ and obvious reference to Riewacher. Then Leoric sees him. Riewacher has undergone a dramatic apotheosis. He is now a lich. The cowl of the mage-king is now also changed. Instead of a simple helm, the cowl now sports a full face plate that follows to the top of his neck. The cowl is now more full and collects at the shoulders. Riewacher’s eyes are now nothing but two glowing blue points inside the helm and he claims to have merged himself with it.

Ninth Session

As the trio exit the prison complex, what they see surprises them. They realize the entire prison was a converted mine complex. It also appears to be located near the edge of a huge cliff. They realize this entire complex is a giant floating island 1260 feet long by 630 feet wide. On the island there is a large stronghold with a tower that is capped by an observatory-like dome. Several hot-air balloons and small hot-air ships are arranged on a small paved area near the edge of the island. At the edge of the island, A large chain connects to an overhanging stone building. Between the stronghold and the prison entrance three garrison tents lie arrayed before them.

Zasz moves forward and destroys a patrol. Riewacher and Leoric move forward and masquerade as patrolmen. They realize that this configuration might not be the best way to infiltrate the tower, where they are certain their gear lies for them to reclaim. Instead, Zasz infiltrates the tower scouting it for supplies. Grabbing everyone’s supplies he flies back and convinces them that if they climb into a bag of holding, he will fly them into the tower. Holding their breath, they manage to survive in time for Zasz to dematerialize, fly over to the observatory and infiltrate the tower.

Once inside the tower they realize this room is very large and spacious. It is full of books, a sarcophagus, a telescope, and magical experimentation supplies. Once there, they decide to investigate further

Eighth Session

After many repeats of the same treatment at the hands of the ogres and inquisitors, a break suddenly occurs. Leoric was called in for interrogation. The inquisitor told him that resistance would serve no purpose, that Riewacher had already given up secrets to the Inquisitor. Leoric simply laughs and then endures a fierce flogging.

Half-way through the flogging Leoric collapses, dangling in the chains. The ogre assumes he has passed out already and undoes his restraints. Ever-clever Leoric realizes the Ogre’s oversight and plays along. As the Ogre replaces the restraints, Leoric springs grabbing the ogre’s maul. In a few quick strokes the ogre lies dead. Realizing his best chance of escaping is releasing the vampire and finding Riewacher, he makes his way back to his cell. Using a key found on the ogre, he opens the cell while being ambushed by more ogres.

After dispatching them, he throws a spear to Zasz. He immediately breaks the spear over his knee creating a small dagger from the blade. Leoric is refreshed feeling the old blood begin to burn again. He orders Zasz to follow him and they begin springing open all the doors. Near a heavily scorched section of the ground they see Riewacher. He appears completely clean shaven and healthy, presenting a stark dichotomy to Leoric whose hair has grown long around him and whose naked back has scarred into myriad diamonds from the cross lashing of his torturers. Riewacher picks up a spear and, mimicking Zasz, breaks it over his knee creating a very makeshift wand. As the trio begin to fight their way out, Riewacher sees a vision of the helm. He feels that it must be close by and calling out to him. He tells everyone that their stuff is in a room nearby and they must find it. The continue to carve a path through the remaining ogres. Finally they exit via a long hallway but soon realize that their work has just begun…

Seventh Session

Riewacher and Leoric wait for the messenger from Count Morovich. After he rendezvous’s with the two, they are informed that the count wishes them to take out a different castle for him. Riewacher immediately grows suspicious and Leoric flatly replies that any modification of the deal will require significantly larger compensation.

The messenger commands the warforged driver to set out and it stops after a few hours of driving in order for the rest of the crew to make camp. The eladrin take the watch as they don’t require sleep. During the night several parties pass near them. It is only after hearing a party of horsemen approach closer than the rest they become alarmed. The messenger suggests that they go backwards on foot and meet back where the steam-tank went off-road. The driver says he will double back and lose them back on the road. Even more suspicious the Eladrin agree.

After they make it back to the road they see the tank parked at the end of a clearning. It is manned by the messenger. As he sees them he quickly motions them over. As they enter the clearing they are ambushed by 20 riders. Understanding they are trapped they surrender. They are drugged and black out.

When they come to, they are in seperate rooms. Riewacher is inside a specially warded room and his spells do not work. He is also chained. Leoric is in a room with a muzzled dragonborn, much to his chagrin, as well as a drow elf. The elf seems strange and he soon realizes he is a vampire. The dragonborn has been put in the room as food. Leoric is removed and taken to a chamber where he is chained up. A human dressed in very nice clothes enters the room.

The human identifies himself as an inquisitor. He begins to question Leoric about what was found near Leoric’s base. Leoric responds with a stiff upper lip and receives a flogging.

Riewacher as his cell is opened begins an onslaught on his guards. He takes down several but in the end is rendered unconscious. He wakes up in irons and chained in a room. The inquisitor begins to question him. Riewacher gives him enough information to think he is being cooperative but in reality is hiding everything about the hidden layer of the temple and the succubus.

Zasz Daggoth, the drow vampire, was also called in for questioning. He arrogantly and proudly told of his history much to the confusion of the inquisitor. When finished he was sent back to his cell.

All the characters began to brood as single-minded revenge filled their hearts.

Fifth and Sixth Sessions

Riewacher and Leoric continue to explore the ruined temple near Leoric’s headquarters…

Fifth Session

After discovering a mosaic depicting a fight between the sun-worshippers, the mage-king, and some type of creature with bat-like wings. The creature couldn’t be determined as the mosaic had been damaged and there was a blank spot where the creature’s body would be.

Leoric and Riewacher continued to move through the sub-level. They discovered where some of the old priests had been buried as well as a small shrine. Continuing through the chamber, both of them noticed that there were no torches, chandeliers, sconces, or any other lighting fixtures. The next area consisted of a living area where the priests may have taken their meals. Beyond this, a library with mostly destroyed documents. A journal was recovered (see the below entry). Beyond it was a sealed door. After Riewacher performed a magical incantation, the door opened and revealed what once must have been the head of the order’s quarters. Inside they found a corpse and a small illuminating stone. They also found a piece that connects to the key they found in the Mound.

Sixth Session

Leoric and Riewacher discover a secret door behind the mosaic and find a large clock. The clock has a lock which can be turned with the completed clockwork key. While Riewacher turns the clock three days forward, devils begin spawning and are quickly dispatched by Leoric.

After Riewacher moves the clock, an elevator appears. The two squeeze into the elevator and it drops them far into the ground. There they find a succubus trapped inside a large summoning circle. She tells them that she is bonded to a key that opens a door in an extra-dimensional palace. She is very surprised that they had simply happened to find her on accident and were not sent to find her or looking for her specifically.

The succubus identifies herself as Delilah. She says that she was once an advisor to a prior mage-king but was trapped due to what she calls ‘local politics’. She seems to have knowledge about the war although she was imprisoned 60 years before it actually took place.

After they released her, they took several men back from the camp to excavate the building and retrieved the mosaic and a large cask of whiskey. When they returned they were told a patrolmen hadn’t rendezvoused back with the ‘enforcement squad’. Riewacher and Leoric rode out to investigate while Delilah received current events information from the Imp Jakkin.

Riewacher and Leoric soon discovered a wagon full of chests excavated from the Mound and a very scared farm boy. The farm boy was mortified and they soon learned from him that his family had been killed by a vampire. The duo set fire to the farm house and were attacked by all four vampires. The vampire spawn were quickly killed by Riewacher and Leoric made short work of the other one. When she died she turned into dust. It is unknown where her coffin is.

Cain Horadra's Journal

Text of Cain Horadra’s Journal

Final Entry:

The Mage-King’s treachery knows no bounds. He told us that if we bound the creature within the depths of the earth we would be safe. He has lied! We gave him half of the key! Even now the corruption has spread to the temple itself. Our rites are diminished. We have seen our faithful come and turn against us. A young lady who regularly attends rites at Dawn assaulted one of the priests. He was strong and was able to resist her. She is being treated now in the High Father’s quarters.


The woman has become corrupted. We dare not stay here any longer. We will soon seal our home. We have been told to leave all we have seen under the earth. The light will surely protect us. I have to wonder if that means leaving the socket behind. Once the clock is misaligned….. I must close now.

the bottom of the page is stained in blood.

Fourth Session

This session picked up where the second session left off.

The sarcophagus was filled with gold and a corpse. The corpse was laid to rest with two major items of note. The first was the Cowl of the Forgotten Mage-King. Riewacher experienced a series of visions as he touched the mantle and decided to don it, intrigued what other visions he might be able to have. Leoric found a small pack that soon revealed itself to have a much larger interior than exterior. He used it to take the rest of the gold in the sarcophagus.

The duo returned to camp and took a well deserved rest. Riewacher sequestered himself to his tent and surprised everyone when a small demon emerged to taunt the camp. Leoric was furious at Riewacher’s recklessness and in front of his men forbade he ever do so again. The imp was illusive and avoided answering questions put to it about an old ruined temple located nearby. At the moment of his dismissal he wishes them luck at the Temple of the Sun.

The duo set off for the temple. Leoric immediately notices wagon ruts similar to the ones found at the Mound. Upon entering the temple, it becomes apparent someone has been attempting to excavate parts of the temple. The two discover a hidden stairway located beneath the altar. The stairs lead to a room filled with sarcophagi. Riewacher and Leoric immediately become on their guard. They begin to exhume each sarcophagus and they realize they are filled with half-rotted vampire corpses. To make them more curious, each corpse seems to possess bronze items that would appear to be part of a matching set.

A few of the sarcophagi contain vampire spawn. Riewacher performs a ritual and learns that the vampires were victims of a mayor during the war. They were rounded up by the Order of the Light and buried ‘alive’ underneath the altar where it was hope they would die or be sealed permanently. One coffin was more sealed than the others. Upon opening the coffin, it is revealed to be empty. Suddenly a voice taunts them from above. They move up the staircase and find a man claiming to be Dairoth, the mayor who began the vampiric plague during the war. Leoric and Riewacher attack the vampire and kill him.

From Dairoth, it is revealed that the ‘Trading Post’ Leoric uses as a headquarters is actually the old mayor’s home.

The heroes continue to investigate the ruin and find through a sealed door, a large mosaic. Within the image is a man wearing Riewacher’s new mantle. Leoric believes the mosaic hides a door and proposes to smash it. Riewacher explodes with anger at the idea of destroying it as a piece of history.

Third Meeting

As the characters crack open the sarcophagus they see a skeleton richly adorned in gold. Among the riches Leoric and Riewacher select ITEM 1 and ITEM 2. The person buried was evidently quite important.

First and Second Sessions

Campaign begins:

Leoric the Black, a small-time warlord has taken control of three small hamlets. He is aided by old war buddy, the wizard Riewacher. Riewacher has obtained a fragment of a map and is convinced local ruins hold a powerful artifact. The only problem is that it appears someone else has a chunk of the map and may beat Riewacher to the goods.

Leoric has noticed grumblings from his men. They are beginning to become dissatisfied with a sedentary life and want more raiding and pillaging. Leoric is approached by a messenger (riding an old Dragonborn steam-tank) from warlord Count Morovich to clean out a site the Count plans on using as his new base of operations. Upon closer questioning, the messenger reveals that the Count is currently spread thin and he wishes to secure the site now. Leoric and Riewacher agree to meet with the messenger again within a fortnight (two-weeks).

Riewacher and Leoric decide to step up their investigation of the surrounding ruins. They head out to the first ruin, the Mound. They leave close to dusk, however, and upon arriving are ambushed by six werewolves. The fight is bloody and after killing the werewolves, our heroes take their heads and head back to camp for a well deserved rest.

Second Session:

After a well deserved rest Leoric and Riewacher decide to head back to the Mound. Upon arrival they begin investigating the ruin. Their scouts had reported the Mound’s entrance to be sealed but it is now clear explosives have been used to blow it open. As they explore, the heroes notice a sprung trap is bloody and a blood trail leads down. Evidence of large objects being dragged up out of the Mound carry no traces of blood. Another sealed door within the Mound has also been blown. The stairs end with a chamber where the blood trail ends in a charred corpse. The chamber shows recent evidence of its contents being removed. The heroes realize there is a trap here that killed ‘blood-trail guy’ and must be set off in order to explore the rest of the Mound. They trigger the trap that summons a Fire Elemental. After its demise, a Helmed Horror is suddenly lifted into the room. These clearly are some sort of rite of passage/tomb guards. The helmed horror is dispatched. The characters investigate the doorway and find a stairway opened when the helmed horror attacked. The stairway led to a sarcophagus room guarded by a naga. The naga taunted the duo and was subesquently slain.

Inside the sarcophagus, they found more questions than answers…

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