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  • Cain Horadra's Journal

    Text of Cain Horadra's Journal Final Entry: The Mage-King's treachery knows no bounds. He told us that if we bound the creature within the depths of the earth we would be safe. He has lied! We gave him half of the key! Even now the corruption has …

  • Lost Key

    What is the Lost key? Below is a compilation of research which it is believed all pertain to the mystery of the Lost Key. Most of these notes were located within a leather folder near the stand the cowl had been sitting on h4. Note 1 Jerome, I …

  • Incarcerium

    Not much is known about Incarcerium. * It was a plane that held a large prison. * It was long ago hidden or destroyed. * A [[ Lost Key | Key]] is thought to exist that allows one access to the prison

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