Seladra is home to the Eladrin race. These noble beings have mastered flight and use large sky-ships to travel from island to island. Some of the larger islands include the islands of Teloi and Cordone.

Eladrins at war.

During the War, Seladra’s city-states formed a loose racial alliance to fend off the thopter and dirigible raids by the Dragonborn Empire. After the Battle of Temonia the dragonborn forces began to pull back to their large flying citadels.

After the vampire plague began sweeping the surface the Eladrin pulled their forces back to their islands. Any Eladrin forces remaining on the surface were abandoned. No one has heard from the Eladrin islands since the end of the war.

Eladrin Military

Eladrin city-states fought in a very usual pattern compared to the other kingdoms and other races. Before the war, most Seladrans only ever fought with one another as such their method combat is highly ritualized. Seladrans create large ‘skyships’ that hold a large complement of wizards, clerics, and warriors. These skyships are typically created with a metal skeleton and then filled in and the rooms finished with an extremely resistant enchanted ceramic material. Each Seladran isle has its own special recipe for the material and they are often made more resistant to a particular type of energy or more likely to stand up against the ram of another skyship. When a fight does begin, Seladrans will steer these ships into close passes with one another, sometimes ramming. They then use magic or other means to throw as many fighters on to the other ship as possible. The wizards attempt to destroy the other sky-ship and its occupants. A battle is concluded when a skyship retreats or when it is destroyed.

Each island furnishes its own militia. In wars of conquest an island will separate its armed forces between ground forces and naval forces. The naval forces typically were comprised into a single skyship, more than one typically is cost prohibitive for a single island to field. The leader of a skyship holds the rank of Trierarch and underneath him were kybernetes, . During the war, the rank of Nautarch was developed to lead fleets of skyships into battle.

Land armies are led by a single Strategos from each island, a general/admiral of sorts, and underneath him in order of power is Taxiarch, Tagmarch, and Lokharch who oversee individual infantry units.

Over the entire combined army was the polemarch. The polemarch would issue orders to Nautarch and Strategos pairs. This helped to ensure the orders would not be superceded or poorly executed.


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